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Toucan Crew

An 8 toucan crew of these guys have been hanging out eating the bananas I’ve been putting out with all this rain we’ve been getting, there isn’t much food in the rainforest, and amazing as it sounds, when I drive up, suddenly they show up.  They’re watching me, waiting for me.  Incredible.fiery billed toucan2


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Welcome to our new housing project, 4 years in the making, above the little town of San Francisco de las Penas Blancas.  At present we have two houses (yellow squares) and five lots for sale, with a potential of 17 lots, all with views of mountains and the valley below. We are surrounded by small farms, and our next door neighbor’s farm is a part of our project, where we are starting a cocoa tree farm, and provides access to the wild Burrito River, the last wild river in the area, just a 5-minute walk away.

Lots are $40,000, and the houses $145,000.  Come visit us here, and see for yourself the beautiful area we have chosen to live.

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