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Mucha lluvia en los cerros de San Francisco de Penas Blancas en La Finca Pondersa.



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The Five Stages of CollapseStarted reading The Five Stages of Collapse, rather compelling reading.  We are in the midst of the first stage, financial collapse, most apparent among the poor of the US, Greece, Italy, Spain, Egypt,and Africa of course, and the massive 2008 financial crash.  Even after $15 trillion to the banks, not to mention $84 billion a month from the Fed, the shaky accounting fraud of global finance will still start coming apart and face a loss of trust and thus credit, ushering in a commercial collapse, the second stage.

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Here is the first step, gathering your pods, as many as you can, when they ripen, or turn yellow.  With so few trees, I have to get anything that even hints at being ripe, and I don’t think it matters that much.DSC00173

So then you chop ’em I in half and pull out the beans and drop in bucket, to wash and then ferment for 5 days.DSC00174  And then we dry them.  Then roast in the oven or old style in a pan for 10 minutes high heat, and then you have to strip the thin shell.

I need to get some equipo in La Fortuna today, mainly cocoa butter, a hair dryer, roller, pestle and mortar, goggles, scrapers, and a smooth cutting board  Hopefully Edger’s car is working.

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