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Edgar’s cabin on our farm across the road without the pigs, turkeys, cows and chickens hanging around as they do now, from a few years ago. I have to get a camera so I can start taking pictures of the whole 30 acre farm, river and forest, the incredible complement to our residential project, Hills of San Francisco, and soon to be a cocoa (cacao) tree farm, which it used to be 30 years ago.  This time however, we will make our own handmade chocolate the old fashioned way.

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We’re proud to announce our alliance with our farming neighbors across the road who have joined us in our effort to make the Hills of San Francisco a beautiful and fun place to live.  Together we are beginning a cocoa tree farm starting with 6000 or more trees this year.

Now when you decide to live here below the rainforest, you will be able to walk or ride through our farm down to the beautiful and wild Rio Burrito, and walk along the river or on trails through a tropical forest.

Moreover, our families now control over 50 acres on both sides of the road, providing greater security and a much greater area to walk, swim, work a little on the farm, and just enjoy the surroundings.

Take a look at some of the other pictures here on the site photos of the river.

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Saturday Planting

Two neighbors from the pueblo below planting jampi Saturday morning.   This little girl’s name is Beatriz and she’s always smiling and waving at me as I drive by, so much friendlier than most kids.  She made a game ut of planting the jampi, tossing the roots in the holes made previously by other workers.  I  don’t know too many kids who’d be working exuberantly but expertly planting, let alone on a Saturday.

They are planting in between the papaya trees.  It’s common to inter plant to take advantage of the cultivation and applications of insecticides.

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Edgar’s Farm

Edgar (you can just see him) doesn’t live here all the time, but he’s here almost every day, and sleeps here most of the time.  If you own a farm you can do whatever you want on it, build whatever you want, no regulations, no codes, no restrictions, no insurance, tiny property tax.  Water from the cloud forest is free, electricity is a couple of bucks a month, tropical climate, clean air, privacy, good soil, quiet, secluded, what else could you want?

Inside a couple of guests (who were rescued as tiny chicks from a fallen tree) enjoy squash.  They’ve been living at Edgar’s for five months and will be ready to fly off in another month or so.  Loras are all around here, eating the fruit seeds from these giant old orange and grapefruit trees around.

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