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Sophie Here’s old Sophie, she was dropped off one night, tied up outside under the carport, skin and bones, rope marks around the neck, she’s happy now despite the mournful look.

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Here is Sophie walking up from the river.

River Walk

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Mucha lluvia en los cerros de San Francisco de Penas Blancas en La Finca Pondersa.


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Farms in the middle also provide wildlife habitats, open spaces, diverse landscapes, soils that hold rainwater for aquifers, perennials that reduce greenhouse gases by removing carbon from the atmosphere, and crop and pastureland that reduce erosion and flooding.


The Ponderosa, right across the road from our lots, is now a part of our overall development, and provides 50 acreas of woods, the Burrito River, a cocoa tree farm we we begin to plant today, and land for cooperative organic  farming and gardening.

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Edgar’s cabin on our farm across the road without the pigs, turkeys, cows and chickens hanging around as they do now, from a few years ago. I have to get a camera so I can start taking pictures of the whole 30 acre farm, river and forest, the incredible complement to our residential project, Hills of San Francisco, and soon to be a cocoa (cacao) tree farm, which it used to be 30 years ago.  This time however, we will make our own handmade chocolate the old fashioned way.

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We’re proud to announce our alliance with our farming neighbors across the road who have joined us in our effort to make the Hills of San Francisco a beautiful and fun place to live.  Together we are beginning a cocoa tree farm starting with 6000 or more trees this year.

Now when you decide to live here below the rainforest, you will be able to walk or ride through our farm down to the beautiful and wild Rio Burrito, and walk along the river or on trails through a tropical forest.

Moreover, our families now control over 50 acres on both sides of the road, providing greater security and a much greater area to walk, swim, work a little on the farm, and just enjoy the surroundings.

Take a look at some of the other pictures here on the site photos of the river.

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Goodbye, Sophie

It’ s been a long time since I posted anything here, and in the intervening period Sophie has finally died of that bone disease, and her great heart just went out.  I know she died trying in the end to maintain that dignity, that last instinct to not lay in your own shit, to at least be able to lay in a clean place.  Her poor body was twisted away from those immobile, unforgiving hips, her old face in the dust finally.

It was a hard illness, starting slowly when she began to limp, but it closed with devastating speed through the last six months.  We went around in a wheelbarrow when we walked with the other dogs, walked around the place and up across the papayas because she cried so piteously when we left her behind.  She must have been in such pain all that time, poor girl.  She never complained, she was all courage and soul.

Bye Sophie, my love,

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