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We’re proud to announce our alliance with our farming neighbors across the road who have joined us in our effort to make the Hills of San Francisco a beautiful and fun place to live.  Together we are beginning a cocoa tree farm starting with 6000 or more trees this year.

Now when you decide to live here below the rainforest, you will be able to walk or ride through our farm down to the beautiful and wild Rio Burrito, and walk along the river or on trails through a tropical forest.

Moreover, our families now control over 50 acres on both sides of the road, providing greater security and a much greater area to walk, swim, work a little on the farm, and just enjoy the surroundings.

Take a look at some of the other pictures here on the site photos of the river.

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The Swimming Hole

The dogs (Sophie, Smokey, Oso, Lucy, Raton, OT) and I go down to the swimming hole, courtesy of El Rio Burrito, every day.  It’s about a 10 minute walk.  And no one is ever in there the morning, so we skinny dip, I’m scandalized to say.  Well, of course no one cares about the dogs, but I’m sure they’d be upset if they saw the full Montie of yours truly.  Not that its that bad.

Actually only Lucy really swims, while Sophie and Smokey sit awhile in the water, then Smokey goes up onto his little grassy island and cleans up.  The other guys usually race across the river and take off down the other side, a big grassy place with some Tilapia ponds and tropical flowers and plants.  I don’t know what they go over there to do, maybe they visit friends, or maybe they just go exploring. Some day I’ll follow them.

As you might expect, the dogs quite enjoy this outing, especially on a humidy scorching day, when you descend down to the river and the air cools, the river roars.

What do you think?

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